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Raymond Buxton, II, Commissioner


The purpose of this statement is to provide the user information about the collection and use of personally identifiable information.  Nothing herein should be construed to, nor does it create any new or different rights than those available under existing State and federal laws.

 "Personally identifiable information" means any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual who is the subject of the information. This includes information such as names, addresses, phone numbers and social security numbers.

Policies governing the collection and dissemination of personally identifiable information follow the same rules that would be applicable to a personal visit to the Commission, and are governed by the same state and federal laws that cover such visits.

The materials provided on this site are intended for public use on computer systems located primarily within the state of South Carolina and for the convenience of its constituents.  Any person choosing to use this Web site or seeking access to information or materials on this system is agreeing to be subject to South Carolina jurisdiction.  Any dispute arising therefrom shall be decided under the laws and in the courts of South Carolina.

E-mails sent to the Commission containing personally identifiable information will be used as information to respond to the user.  The Commission may also forward the e-mail to another appropriate government agency.  Also, certain e-mails may constitute a public record and be subject to disclosure under state law.
Steps have been taken to limit access of personally identifiable information only to staff that require access in order to perform their assigned duties.